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Nervous System, Brain, Pain, Movement, Balance & Hypnosis Specialist Leeds, Yorkshire

Change can be a difficult thing to manage. With the right kind of control, it can be made easy. Through years of experience in offering neuro health training, pain management & hypnotherapy , in Leeds, I can help you be a much better version of yourself.

How I Work

Hypnosis Examine


Firstly, I will ask for a full medical history, then I will do a full physical exam and test your nervous system to find out where your issues lie.

Hypnosis Plan


By examining the results in detail, I can understand what approach is required to achieve your goals and de-bug your nervous system

Hypnosis Support


I will then create a full bespoke neurological exercise program. This will be supported with follow up sessions as you work through your personal plan.

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of your muscles are already capable of lifting a car. They just don’t know it yet
of organ, gut, allergy or immune system problems are due to vagus nerve and brain stem issues
of back pain has a visual, vestibular (inner ear) and cerebellum component
of people I tested had poor parietal and temporal field eye movements, which are key to driving

"“Working with Sara Pugh I have found relief from the Parkinson’s symptoms that I had been displaying for years. I noticed improvements in my mobility, less dyskinesia (in my case a nodding head) and also help with balance and posture. Sara has some great ideas on improving the lives of Parkinson’s sufferers and I would recommend her work.”"

Renee Dickinson Chair for Harrogate Parkinson's UK