Hypnosis and Therapy Services in Leeds

 Hypnosis is a common state of mind and most people spend a lot of time in hypnosis or trance state during the day without realizing.

Hypnosis is a safe and natural state, in a nutshell, it’s effortless focus, imagination and communication with the subconscious. When you become hypnotised your mind becomes open to suggestions. This is when a hypnotist can change problematic behaviour patterns running in your mind, which are causing difficulties in your life.

My Therapy and Performance Services

    • Increasing confidence, motivation, productivity, performance & goal achievement
    • Get the body you desire, weight loss, self image
    • Removing anxiety, phobias, bad habits, addictions or limiting/false beliefs
    • Stress management, anger issues, relaxation, improving sleep
    • Pain management
    • Achieving your ambition, dreams and maximise your potential
    • Stop smoking and other addictions
    • Corporate
    • Group sessions
    • Skype sessions
    • Bespoke sessions

My Alternative Hypnosis

  • Past life regression, Future timelines
  • Autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR) Hypnosis
  • Chakra Balancing Hypnosis
  • Astral Projection
  • Fantasy Hypnosis

I am a certified hypnotist and began my training in 2012, having achieved my diploma at the Academy of Hypnotic Arts as well as certification with Jeffery Stephens from MidWest Hypnosis in the USA, Anthony Jacquin, Marc Savard, Justin Tranz, Hypnosis Academy, Chris Caress  and Bob Burns. I trained in NLP with Pegasus NLP. I regularly attend workshops and seminars, and have attended courses run by well known therapists James Tripp, Igor Ledochowski and James Brown.

As a hypnotist, I work quickly to fix what is happening in your life right now, which is why the majority of issues can be resolved in less than 3 sessions, but I can sometimes do it in 1 session. I don’t need to know your secrets, I do not psycho-analyse people and I will not pry into matters you do not wish to discuss. All sessions are confidential.


Hypnosis Testimonial – Yes you can be ‘fixed in one session’ 

I just want to give you a huge “thank you” Although I experienced a certain amount of nerves yesterday morning by the time I stood up to do the Presentation after lunch, everything went well.

Once started I felt confident, even when interrupted with questions AND most importantly I did not have that awful dry mouth that I wanted to avoid.

The feedback was marked as Good and Excellent. Now I have tackled this once I am sure it will never be as bad again.

That’s on just one session too!
I had thought that as I was a bit under the weather it wouldn’t be successful but obviously you were able to get through my brain fog.

Sarah Miller – Lamberts Healthcare,  Territory Manager


Hypnosis sessions at home

If you would prefer to use my online hypnosis and neuro-hacks program from the comfort of your own home then please click on the picture as I have the program on offer for a limited time.


FREE 15 min hypnosis session ‘Relax and Revitalise’ – click on the video link below

My hypnosis show on stray-fm-logo

Click on the image to hear my interview 


The content of the video below is to show the power of hypnosis and how it can alter vision, hearing and smell, also how fast people go into hypnosis when it is done properly.

This is NOT how I would do a therapy session

There are numerous ways to be induced into hypnosis, and there are many types of inductions. Above are examples of  some rapid inductions I use, but I tailor the induction to suit the person.

 I will be presenting again at Hypnothoughts live 2016, following on from the success last year,  along with some big names in the hypnosis world. Hypnothoughts is an international conference on all aspects of hypnosis. Great fun and great education

Can I be hypnotised?
Yes, most people can be hypnotised, particularly if they want to be. This is why I offer a 30 min free initial consultation, so that I can find what your mind is good at doing and the best way to get you into hypnosis.
How will I know hypnosis is for me?
This is why I offer a 30min free consultation, so that I can get to know you, and you can experience hypnosis and discover how it can help you.
Hypnosis is safe, right?
Yes, it’s a natural state, similar to daydreaming, getting 100% absorbed in a film or when you are completely focused on one thing, like children on computer games or athletes blocking out pain to finish the race. Stage hypnosis is different, the hypnosis itself is safe, some people aren’t fit or well enough to be jumping around on the stage, so that’s why certain people are discouraged from volunteering.
Will the session involve talking a lot about private and painful memories?
No, I’m not a counsellor or a psychotherapist. You tell me what you feel is appropriate at the start of the session or better beforehand, then we get straight into the hypnosis. I do not need to know about past traumatic events, but do tell me if its important to you. I cannot and do not want to find out your secrets, anything you tell me is 100% confidential.
How will I feel when I'm hypnotised?
This varies from person to person as each mind is unique. Some people feel completely normal, while others have a mindbending experience. Most people feel very relaxed during the session.
Will I go to sleep?
No, as that wouldn’t be productive at all! Even though you are hypnotised you will always be able to hear my voice. Also while you are hypnotised I will ask you to do things or talk to you, to make sure your unconscious mind is taking on board the suggestions.
What about confidentiality?
Yes all sessions are confidential. I sometimes video or record an audio of the session.
What about very unusual problems not on your list?
Everybody has their own individual needs, I am non judgemental, I do not question other people’s realities and I will do my best to help you.