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12 Reasons Why Cholesterol is NOT bad

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Hello and Welcome! When I worked as a biochemist I did a project on statins and their effects on heart cells and published a paper on our findings, so I have studied cholesterol in detail and have many concerns about the view the public have on this molecule In 2015 the FDA removed dietary restrictions […]

Exercises For High Heel Pains & Problems

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Hello and welcome This week I have made a short exercise video for you to help your feet and back, if you plan on wearing heels during the festive season. These exercises are also useful for runners and cyclists, or anyone one else who gets tight  ankles, calves, legs and back. This is not a […]

Can Pilates Improve Your Brain Function?

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Hello and welcome to my blog on Pilates and your brain Brain endurance training (BET) is gaining popularity and we hear a lot about the mind-body connection and how important it is.  Sadly, in some exercise classes so much focus is put on the physical body, we forget about the huge brain training benefits exercises […]

Can Hypnosis Help Me?

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Hello and welcome to my hypnosis blog! When you hear the word “hypnosis,” your brain might conjure up the image of a swinging a pocket watch in front of someone’s face or people in a stage hypnosis show being ballerinas at a rave or thinking they are farm yard animals. From my experience as a […]

Brain Training To Improve Performance’ By Hacking Mental Fatigue

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Hello and welcome to my blog This week the topic is brain training to improve ‘performance’ by hacking into mental fatigue by building resilience. I have written ‘performance’ in inverted commas as these techniques were designed and tested on professional athletes and is referred to as ‘Neuro Doping‘  However, cognitive loading training programs offer heaps […]

Workshop in January 2016 on Right and Left Brain

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dr sara right and left brain

The right and left cortex Moving on from the cerebellum into a practical workshop on the right and left sides of the brain. Interestingly, the two cortices are separated by the corpus callosum and are structurally and physiologically different from each other. An interesting brain fact; “All sensory or movement input is processed on the […]

My book will be ready in 2015

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I’m currently writing my book on pain, neuroscience and metabolism, which sounds very technical and scientific, but its aimed at everyone so it won’t be full of scientific jargon and complicated neurology. The aim of the book is to provide you with simple ‘do it at home’ exercises and ideas to get out of pain. […]