Is Baby Brain a Myth? Simple Neruro Exercises For Pregnancy

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Hello and welcome back to my blog with a free video! This week I will be talking about pregnancy and brain training. Pregnancy is a very exciting time for mums and dads to be, so in this blog I’m going to talk about some neurology and brain based fun so the dads to be can […]

Exercises for Parkinson’s Disease

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Hello and welcome to my blog I’ve not written a blog here for a while, however here is one on Parkinson’s Disease as I work a lot with people with this conditions. As Vlogs are becoming more popular I have included a video on a session I did with the Harrogate Parkinson’s UK group this […]

Lost your balance? The inner ear, dementia and spine stability.

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nervous system sara pugh

A great sense of balance is an important part of moving well and staying active. It doesn’t matter if you are a professional athlete, a mum athlete or just enjoying your retirement and playing with your grand children, balance matters. Balance is a sense we take for granted, but like other parts of the body […]

Parkinson’s Disease Neuro Exercises

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Ive worked a lot with people with Parkinson’s disease, or more correctly those who have Parkinsonian symptoms. So, Ive learned heaps from just working with people, studying neurology, asking questions as well as trying stuff out. So due to the amount of information this will cover two blogs. I’m going to make my work into […]

Workshop in January 2016 on Right and Left Brain

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dr sara right and left brain

The right and left cortex Moving on from the cerebellum into a practical workshop on the right and left sides of the brain. Interestingly, the two cortices are separated by the corpus callosum and are structurally and physiologically different from each other. An interesting brain fact; “All sensory or movement input is processed on the […]

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