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Quantum Nutrition / Keto  

Toxins, EMFs & Supplements

  • Quantum Biology
  • Hypnotherapy 
  • Psychiatric Nutrition
  • Supplement advice
  • Pilates For All Ages  
  • Toxins & Electro-pollution
  • Ketogenic Therapy 
  • Hormone Imbalances
  • Workshops At Your Work Place Or Online
  • Public Speaking

 I help people from all around the world improve their metabolic, physical and mental health

Change can be difficult but sometimes it had to be done.
With the right kind of help and information, it can be made easy. 

Through years of experience in  quantum bilogy, biochemistry, neurology, psychology, nutrition, ketogenic therapy, Pilates  & hypnotherapy,  I can help you be a much better version of yourself at any age



Firstly, I will ask for your symptoms, full medical and  lifestyle history, including your daily routine, light & technology use,  sleep, exercise, diet & supplements, to find out where your issues lie.


By examining the results in detail, I can understand what approach is required to achieve your goals, and improve your physical, metabolic and mental health


I will then create a full bespoke programme to address your issues. You will be supported with follow up sessions as you work through your personal plan.


of health issues are made worse by inflammation, insulin resistance, stress & mitochondrial dysfunction. I can reduce these.


of people aren’t aware the mental health benefits & healing capacity of correct  light exposure  or ketogenic diets. I can help


of people have a weak circadian rhythm AKA a ‘messed up body clock’ leading  to weight problems, insomnia, cancer,  binge eating, depression, anxiety & inflammation. I can help re-set your body clock


of people are taking supplements they do not need and taking the wrong form or dose. I can advise

Just a note. I was completely fascinated by your presentation. OUTSTANDING!”
Hypnothoughts convention 2015