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Detox & Weight Loss

Nervous System

Biochemical Detox and Fasting Specialist | Pilates | Hypnosis | Weight Loss Leeds, Yorkshire

Nervous system specialist: Change can be a difficult thing to manage. With the right kind of control, it can be made easy. Through years of experience in offering neuro health training, pain management & hypnotherapy, in Leeds, I can help you be a much better version of yourself.

How I Work

Hypnosis Examine


Firstly, I will ask for full medical and lifestyle history, then I will look at your diet & supplements, do a physical exam, test your nervous system to find out where your issues lie.

Hypnosis Plan


By examining the results in detail, I can understand what approach is required to achieve your goals, de-bug your nervous system and improve your biochemistry

Hypnosis Support


I will then create a full bespoke movement and nervous system program and offer advice on food and supplements. This will be supported with follow up sessions as you work through your personal plan.

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of health issues are made worse by inflammation and stress. I can reduce these
of people aren't aware the health benefits & healing capacity of fasting or ketogenic diets. I can help
of pain is produced by the brain and can come from the visual system, balance system, gut-brain connection
of people are taking supplements they do not need and taking the wrong form or dose.

"Thanks for such a great presentation on the brain!"

Ben Schoeffler, C.Ht