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Medical Metabolic & Mental Health Diets

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Do any of these ring true for you? 
  • Are you struggling with brain fog, depression, anxiety, sleep, mood swings, anger or irritability? 
  • Do you struggle with your weight, food addiction, or binge eating?
  • Are you disillusioned or confused about current medical and nutritional advice?
  • Are you on medication you feel is doing you no good? 
  • Do you have/are worried about developing diabetes or dementia?
  • Are you following a way of eating but not getting the health benefits you expected or are experiencing unusual symptoms? 
  • Are you interested in a medical low carb,  ketogenic diet or elimination diet but want to be guided?


Hello I’m Dr Sara Pugh and I help people improve their mental health and metabolic issues using psychiatric nutrition.

I help you discover the connection between your physical or mental symptoms and your diet, and to give you the information and inspiration you need to take control of your health.

  • WHY is your body malfunctioning?
  • WHAT is on offer  beyond medications or operations to help restore it to good health?
  • HOW do some people easily lose weight, overcome mental health problems or reduce/pain inflammation on certain diets? 
  • WHICH hormone imbalances can lead to obesity or depression, even when you eat ‘healthy’? 

If you have a persistent health problem, the first place to look is at your diet and supplements, in detail. 

One problem we have today is that mainstream nutrition advice is unscientific.

For example, in the 1980’s we were told to eat margarine, plenty of pasta and eat often ‘to keep your metabolism going’. Now it’s very clear that highly processed industrial vegetable oils, gluten and constantly being in a ‘fed state’ are terrible for all aspects of health, including waistlines and mental health. 

This means that you could be doing your best to follow official dietary guidelines and becoming less healthy over time.

Emerging scientific studies show promising results that correctly constructed diets that follow the brain healthy principles offer relief from a wide range of brain-based illnesses and food addictions.

The underlying biochemical issues with mental health issues and psychiatric issues are

  • Neuro transmitter imbalances (Brain chemicals and mood all over the place)
  • Oxidative stress and inflammation (Damage to brain cells. Depression strongly linked to inflammation) 
  • Poor mitochondrial function (Cells not able to produce enough energy or burn fat properly)
  • Cerebral glucose hypo metabolism (Poor glucose use in the brain)
  • Slow neuronal conduction (Nerve cells not working properly)
  • Impaired neuroplasticity (Slow to adapt or learn) 
These CAN BE HELPED OR FIXED USING DIET ! It is much easier than you think when you have professional help and support
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Most of us have been feeding our brains incorrectly for our entire lives and have no idea how much better we could feel if we ate differently.

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adequate amounts of essential nutrients to prevent deficiencies that cause mental health problems

toxins that harm brain


ingredients, substances or toxins that cause inflammation or damage the brain

Mental Health Diets


reliable energy to support brain metabolism for lifetime without stressful energy crashes or blood sugar roller coasters


I did my specialist AAFP  acredited mental health nutritional training with Dr. Georgia Ede in the US.  Dr Ede is a  Harvard-trained, board-certified psychiatrist specialising in nutritional and metabolic psychiatry and insulin resistance. 

I wanted to find an expert in insulin resistance, mental health, and nutrition. Dr. Ede is one of the leading experts.

I have access to Dr. Ede’s network of psychiatrists and dieticians for ‘trouble shooting’, so you get ‘lots of therapists for the price of one’ 

My background is biochemistry and I was a research scientist for 10yrs. Lab work requires  understanding the science, attention to detail, making observations, planning, practical work and trouble shooting. 

I have researched the biology and psychology of mental health since 2004 following my own experience with a severe mental health issue in my 20s. You can read Sara’s Mental Health Story.

I have been a hypnotherapist since 2012, so I support you psychologically with your diet changes so you get the best results. 

My areas of expertise include 

Paleo, low-carbohydrate, ketogenic, carnivore, elimination diets, fasting and correct supplementation of whole foods plant-based diets for adults.

To learn about the benefits of low carb diets and how they help your mental and physical health go to ‘7 Reasons To Try a Low Carb Diet‘ 

If you are considering a low carb or ketogenic  but want to know if its safe, please go to ‘Is The Ketogenic Diet Safe’ 

The conditions I work with are:

I am very familiar with the medication often used in the above conditions, although you need to talk to your prescriber about altering your medication (if you use any) as a medical ketogenic diet or even a paleo diet often means some people reduce or come off their medication.

I am not a medical Dr so I cannot give your advice on medication or medical advice.

I know about other conditions so if yours is not on the list please ask as I might be able to help. 

“I cannot recommend Sara highly enough for advice and support on the keto diet and different types of fasting. As a life long calorie counter and a member of Slimming World for many years, I struggled to get below a certain weight. Feeling demoralised, I decided to take a totally different approach and asked Sara for a consultation and ongoing support.

Sara was with me every step of the way. Her qualifications and knowledge were particularly important, as I knew her advice was based on her in-depth understanding of the ketogenic lifestyle.

Sara provides a personalised consultancy, depending on individual needs, rather than a standard programme.

I now have the skills and confidence to maintain weight loss and enjoy my food so much more. Thanks so much Sara”  – Gill Wyatt 


We can work together face to face or on Zoom.

Medical History Analysis + Initial Consultation 1hr £99

Follow Up Consultation 30min £40

Reduced Rates Are Available If You Have Financial Problems & Are 100% Committed

If you need me in between sessions then you can call, text or email as changing your diet can be like starting a new medicine. 




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"Sara Pugh has been one of the top biochemists and therapists to help me through recovering from chronic anxiety and depression. She has helped me understand why my previous ADHD medications may have caused my condition to worsen over the years. Her abundant knowledge about the body and mind has been life changing and has helped me to finally find my peace in the middle of the storm! I would highly recommend her services to anyone going through any mental health condition". Louisa Kyriacou

Mental Health Diets