• Do you struggle with your weight, food addiction, chronic health problems or pain?
  • Would you like to look and feel younger?
  • Do you want to improve your health by reducing inflammation?
  • Are you on lots of medication that you feel is doing you no good?
  • Are you disillusioned or confused about current medical and nutritional advice?
  • Do you need to lose weight quickly for a specific event to look your best?
  • Are you interested in the spiritual and emotional benefits of fasting?

Then fasting is the thing for you!

weight loss leeds detox

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Fasting is not dangerous and humans have practiced it in a variety of forms for tens of thousands of years.

Potential Benefits:

  • Weight loss and fat loss
  • Cellular cleansing via autophagy
  • Reduction in inflammation
  • Reversal of Type 2 Diabetes
  • Increased Human Growth Hormone
  • Mental clarity
  • Clearing skin and gut issues
  • General well being
  • Anti-ageing

Fasting Safely Leeds

Fasting activates AMPK (adenosine mono phosphate kinase) AMPK activation has numerous beneficial effects as it interacts with lots of other pathways in the body.  

👍Enhancing autophagy to break down old and damaged cells to prevent disease

👍🏼Improved fat burning / ketsosis Improved glucose use 

👍🏾Inhibiting mTOR

👍🏾Inhibiting fat storage 

👍🏾Growing new mitochondria which make energy (ATP) in the cells

👍🏾Closing up leaky junctions in the gut (helping leaky gut) and liver 

AMPK can be activated by different mechanisms such as  exercise and some polyphenolic compounds/drugs  like resveratrol, berberine, omega 3 EPA  …..and lots more             

I can show you how you can combine supplements, fasting and exercise  to get more bang for your buck 

What Results to Expect

fasting results
Results from extended fasting using the snake diet

So that you know this is not fake and so you can talk to 100s of real people about their fasting transformations, please check out Cole Robinson’s Instagram feed. You will also learn more about the benefits fasting there from other people’s testimonials.

Learn more about fasting by watching my videos of my 7 Day Fast I did to raise money for charity 

Fasting Biology 101

Being fed all of the time is an unnatural state of being. Humans are designed to endure fasting periods. We fast when we sleep and we fast between meals.

When we talk fasting we mean totally abstaining from food or consuming calories. During fasting periods the only thing being consumed is water with electrolytes (sodium, potassium and magnesium).

Being in a fasted state accesses the fat stores around your body. You are literally a walking three course meal and it is through fasting that fat is broken down and metabolized by the body. 

When you eat and after your food is broken digested, your insulin levels increase to allow the sugar from your blood to go into the cells, to be used as energy or stored as glycogen (animal starch) or fat. Insulin is a storage and growth hormone. Insulin needs to be low for fat burning to occur. This is why you do not need three meals and three snacks a day.

Glucose/sugars form long chains are stored as glycogen in the liver and muscles. The liver can store about 100-150g of glycogen/glucose or about 2000 calories. This energy source is for immediate use, your body uses glucose first as it is easier, but it is not as efficient as using fat. You need to use up this store before your body goes into ketosis and starts burning your body fat as fuel.

Put another way, you cannot access the energy stored as fat until you have first depleted the liver of glycogen. Your body will use its small ‘sugar tank’ if it can and will only dip into the huge ‘fat’ tank when the sugar tank is empty.

There is limited storage space in the liver so, once it is full, liver then begins to turn excess energy into fat to be stored on the body. There is no limit to how much fat can be stored on the body, it is an endless. There is 10,000-20, 000 calories of fat even on a lean person.

Once your body ‘sees’ this giant store of fat you have it will happily use it, once it has made some biochemical adjustments. Fasting gets easier the longer you do if for as you body has got used to using your fat and you don’f feel hungry. This is why the first time you fast it is a bit rough as you are simply not used to it and why some support is needed at the very beginning.

Fasting is not like doing a low calorie diet with three meals a day when all you think about is your next meal and how hungry you are.



Another huge benefit of fasting is the healing and ‘self cleaning that happens during longer fasts.

Other very useful effects are re-setting the immune system after 3 days of fasting and release of stem cells after 5 days of fasting.

You do not need to be overweight or interested in fat loss to use fasting as a tool to manage autoimmune diseases, gut problems, skin problems, fibromyalgia, addictions and mental health issues.

How do I start?


All you have to do is book the initial hypnosis session to get started which can be in person on via Skype.

That is all you need to pay for!

The lesson on fasting is free, you can contact me whenever you need to for advice or support. I will add you to a fasting group where you will get more advice and help.

I have experimented with fasting and ketogenic diets for over 4 years with great results and I want you to get the same. I tried all kinds of diets and supplements and nothing really worked.

Or you can do it by yourself as it is very simple.

You will save money and earn back the cost of the session very quickly!

For this reason I only want people who are committed and willing to fast. No time wasters please.

People who have fasted want to share this technique with everyone. The people who bash fasting are the ones who have never tried it!

Don’t judge something until you try it and don’t listen to people who criticize things they know nothing about or have never experienced


Will fasting put me into starvation mode?

No. This is a common misunderstanding about what the body does during a fast. The human body was designed to endure prolonged fasting periods and studies have shown that fasting actually increase your basal metabolic rate. 

Is fasting safe?

Yes. It is safe and natural as long as you follow the protocols, drink the water + electrolytes during the day and do a periodic self-check. By asking yourself the simple question: “How do I feel?” You can gauge whether you should continue a fast, or break for a re-feed.

Fasting on water alone is not safe as you will wee out your electrolytes as you are not taking in any food. This will result in dehydration, weakness, tiredness and feeling dreadful.

Will fasting burn muscle?

No. When you fast the body first uses glycogen as glucose for energy. After that the body breaks down fat and converts it to energy.  Growth hormone production increases and this preserves lean muscle tissue

Is fasting the same as a calorie reduction diet?

No. Extended fasting focuses on the duration between feeds from 24hrs to 72hrs or more. It puts your body into ketosis so it uses your body fat as fuel.

Calorie reduction diets are food-focused diets that focus on what you are eating. When you constantly snack on small meals during the day you are continuously spiking your insulin and keeping your body in ‘fat storage mode’. These types of diets mean your body is also burning lean muscle tissue so you will end up slowing down your metabolism.

Getting Started

Educate yourself on fasting. In your session with me I will provide you with

  • Information on the biochemistry of fasting
  • How to fast and how to break a fast
  • A fasting protocol that works
  • Lots of resources on fasting
  • A mindset boost or session if you have emotional issues that caused weight problems
  • Fasting support groups
  • Unlimited support as you fast

The cost of the session is £75 and after that you have unlimited contact with me to guide you through your fasting journey.

You will very quickly get that money back as you won’t be spending nearly as much money on food, so you will save money.

It is not like other diets or diet clubs where you have to spend between £200 a week, pay per session or buy expensive diet food or milkshakes.

Your health is priceless.


weight loss leeds detox

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Fasting 101

I have experimented with intermittent fasting, 2 day and 3 day fasts for over 3yrs and in total lost 28lb.

This is a video blog on fasting and how to get started. The benefits of fasting include longevity, fat loss, reduced inflammation, anti cancer and brain function.

If you have any questions on fasting please get in touch or book a session.