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The diet and supplement minefield

Reducing inflammation and toxin load is key to health as inflammation is at the root of many illnesses. As you learn more about different supplements, detox methods, diets, hormones, gadgets etc to improve your health more and more questions come up. Even what is a healthy diet?

It gets very confusing and expensive, particularly when what you do doesn’t work!

How do you know what is safe and what is a con?

It can be hard sometimes to make sense of all the different advice you get form the internet, media, friends, therapist and doctors.

It can also be very frustrating  if you can’t get rid of your health problems or excess weight.

When you are inflamed your body is much more likely to store fat, even if you do everything else right. Reducing inflammation can make a big different to your weight loss,  improve your thyroid function and balance your hormones.

Toxins can have a huge impact on your metabolism, weight, mood and brain function

Toxins increase inflammation and when you are inflamed it inhibits your body’s natural ability to remove toxins. A vicious cycle

Mercury – Fatigue (slows down energy production), anxiety (ramps up fight or flight system via glutamate), thyroid issues.

Lead – Fatigue, mood disorders, headaches, high blood pressure

Plastics/pthalates/fire retardants- Hormone disruption (thyroid) and estrogen mimetics (irritability, weight gain, brain fog, inflammation, some cancers)

Bacterial endotoxin (LPS) – From leaky gut, infected root canal. These are bits of broken up bacterial makes body think you have a full infection. Systemic inflammation, brain fog

Efficient detoxification depends on a series of seamless reactions that bind toxins to shuttle molecules and “escort” them out through a series of doors. The glutathione system is the most important of the detoxification systems and includes glutathione and the enzymes that work with it. The detoxification process proceeds in three parts or “phases”, Phase I, Phase II, and Phase III. A healthy liver and gut is also key for efficient detox.

As many toxins are released during fat loss which can be from fasting, a ketogenic diet,  exercise, being ill or any other fat loss method,  it is important to know how to remove these from the body quickly.

Here is how I can help you

  • Learn about inflammation and which foods to avoid
  • Learn which supplements are useful and which are a waste of money.
  • Learn about the different forms of vitamins/minerals, and how to get them from food if you do not want to take supplements.
  • Learn how to do a biochemical detox that actually works and not waste your time or rot your teeth with juice fasts.
  • Understand your hormones
  • I have a BSc in Biochemistry & Genetics, a Masters in Bioinformatics (biological data mining)  a PhD in Molecular Mechanisms.
  • I have worked on research projects that include dopamine receptors, pain receptors, protein folding (relates to Alzheimers, Parkinsons), stains and heart cells.
  • After leaving science I continued to study biochemistry and have extensive knowledge on supplements, drugs, plants, metabolism, hormones, fasting, food and inflammation.
  • I have also experimented with nootropics (smart drugs), peptides, PEDs, vitamins, SARMS, plants extracts and most diets for the past 22yrs.
  • You could say I am a professional dieter and supplementer.

I did eventually find a diet and supplement regime that works for me that works for me and lost 28lb (yay) but along the way I found all sorts of other useful health tips. I use fasting and ketogenic diets and offer advice on those ways of eating.

Below are some ideas of the things that might interest you, that  you can ask me about as I have tried and tested or know about from my scientific background. I am not a doctor so I cannot give medical advice.

I can give you scientific information on the biochemical mechanism as a whole and explain to you what the current research says about certain topics.

My Knowledge Base

  • Fasting/Intermittent Fasting/Prolonged Fasting/Dry Fasting
  • Low Carb Diet/Ketogenic Diet /Carnivore Diet
  • Which forms of  vitamins and minerals to use
  • Smart drugs/Brain Supplements
  • Performance Enhancing Drugs/SAMRs/Peptides/Growth Hormone
  • Healing and Injury recovery
  • Thyroid problems/ Thyroid Blood Results
  • Over Eating/Leptin Resistance
  • Insulin Resistance / Type 2 Diabetes
  • Acne and Skin Problems
  • Gut Issues
  • Biochemical Detoxification
  • Autoimmune Diseases
  • Diet supplements
  • Products that you think might be  ‘snake oil’
  • Inflammation and pain
  • Understanding scientific papers
  • Biohacking gadgets
  • Genetic Testing Results like 23&Me


You can book a session over Skype or come in person to the Tower Clinic or Broadgate Clinic  in Leeds.

The cost is £65 for one hour session, but I will ask you for as much  information as possible beforehand so that I am prepared when we meet. We will also schedule follow up sessions of 30min or just email/text.

I don’t  sell any supplements and I will help incorporate changes that suit your lifestyle. If you choose to do fasting then you will save money!

The sessions are for educational purposes only. I am a not a medical doctor, I’m a doctor of biochemistry so information given here is not medical advice it is information for you to consider and further research yourself.