Why work with the brain and nervous system? 

The nervous system is in charge of everything in your body. You can control it or it can control you. My nervous system and brain training can help you create rapid improvements in mental and physical performance as well as injury prevention, pain relief and faster recovery time.

If you need to make changes in pain, range of motion, strength, coordination, speed, agility, or any other physical attribute, the fastest path to getting there is to adjust your nervous system.

  1. The brain receives input,  this comes from eyes, ears, skin, joints via receptors
  2. The input travels up the spinal cord to the brain.  The brain analyses the input, compares it to all other pasts experiences, attaches meaning  to the input and makes a decision
  3. The brain produces an output this is usually movement but also organ response, blood pressure changes

The path to creating a better body and a better brain lies in this input, decision,  output sequence.  If you struggle with an ache you can’t shift, plateaus, stiffness, brain fog. Either you have an input problem, a decision making problem or an output problem.

Contact me to book a Nervous System Assessment (Neuro-Flow) and treatment (involves nerve glides, balance exercises, vision exercises, vagus nerve work and movement) 

If you would like to read more about the nervous system  click HERE or on the image to access the PDF. 

What is Brain endurance training (BET)?

Brain endurance training (BET) is a digital training  method to cognitive load to the brain to fatigue. The brain in turn will adapt to this, like muscles do to training and get ‘stronger and better’.BET focuses on cortex and cerebellum based cognitive tasks such as STROOP tests, multi object tracking, decision making, ability to sustain attention, response inhibition, are a few of the drills that can be utilised. I use the SOMA NPT platform Grant Hayes, founder and creator of sswitch neuro performance solutions

However, brain endurance training programs offer heaps of performance advantages to amateur sports/fitness enthusiasts, CEOs, performers, stroke victims, students, in addition to elite athletes.

In fact, mental resilience plays a role in for most people in some way, for example;doing exams, improving mental and physical resilience, alertness, will power, ability to focus, driving, looking after kids,  basically anything where fatigue is a limiting factor.

When does mental fatigue affect the average person?

When a person is mentally fatigued their patience is low so they are much more likely to have emotional outburst of tears and rage. It is relatively easy to do something, but it is much harder to have the will power to not do something (ability to inhibit unwanted behavior)

The neurological drills matter. They are hard, boring, frustrating, fatiguing and only for serious athletes or professionals who want to raise their game.

Brain endurance training in professional athletes has been shown to enable them to:

You can read the full research on SOMA NPT performance enhancement  HERE  

To learn more about BET then you can read the interview on why Red Bull is using brain training on their athletes

Contact me to book a session or get your personal brain endurance training program using SOMA NPT Technology.



The nervous system has three important characteristics:


The neuro health system focuses on 9 specific athletic abilities:

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