Heart disease and heart attacks are still on the rise, but information on what is good for the heart can be confusing. A low inflammation and low sugar diet is key too for heart health. Cheap seed or vegetable oils are very inflammatory and even worse if heated. There is no evidence to say that saturated fat from animal products causes heart disease. Humans have been eating animals for 10s of thousands of years.

‘Don’blame ancient foods for modern disease’

Here is a list of key, cheap nutrients for a healthy heart.

Vitamin B12 deficiency is athlerogenenic as homocysteine levels go up.

Niacin (flush version) / Vit B3- regresses plaques on angiograms , reduces heart attcks by a greater % than statins do

Good quality Fish oils that aren’t oxidised or better just roe or caviar with EPA & DHA.

Magnesium balances calcium, acts a relaxant and 70% of Americans are deficient in magnesium due to depleted soils, making it hard to obtain enough from diet. 

Vitamin K2 is important for partitioning calcium, so sending it where it is needed like bones and teeth and away from arteries and soft tissue- butter, cheese & natto contains a lot of K2 and many believe the Japanese (who live in Japan) low level of heart disease is due to their natto rich diet.

Vitamin D3 plays a role in 100s if reactions in the body and is needed for heart health. Fear of the sunlight, living in a region with little sun or just simply spending too much time indoors causes vitamin D3 deficiency.

Eating heart which Is very cheap (and nice ) will also provide heart healthy nutrients and glandular/organ therapy 101 says “eat the organ or gland you wish to heal in yourself” so works for adrenal and liver issues. 

The best way to check your heart health and avoid a premature heart attack is to have a CAC or calcium scan. Ask your GP to book you one if you are concerned

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    1. Hi Vince, mercury has been linked to electrical disturbances in the heart. My dad has AF and he has some black fillings, has eaten a lot of tuna/swordfish and he lived in a house with a coal burning AGA, which gives off mercury. People on heart meds are quite tricky to do detox protocols with. he wouldn’t let me anyway as he is family, so you could look down the mercury route

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