Thoughts on vaccines ? Are they safe?

This is my opinion on vaccines based on my current knowledge and I think they play a key role in modern medicine. I don’t mind if you view differs.

1. Some vaccines contain ethyl mercury which is less toxic than methyl mercury from big fish like tuna/sword fish or inorganic mercury from amalgams. It is called thimerosal and it’s used as an anti microbial to prevent sepsis which can kill you. Mercury is also an adjuvant to provoke the immune system so the vaccine is more effective. Some flu jabs contain thermisal and 2 childhood vaccines. The amount in vaccines is tightly regulated. The amount in fish isn’t. (I’m not saying don’t eat fish, just comparing)

2. Mercury + bacterial endotoxin, lipo polysaccharide (LPS) together make each other more neuro inflammatory. Endotoxin comes from infections in the body mainly from gut issues but also UTIs and tooth infections. You can be unaware your or your child is harbouring an infection. Activated charcoal binds endotoxin

Loads of foods can irritate/harm the gut e.g thickeners like carrageenan in yoghurts harm the gut. Alcohol harm the gut (to make leaky gut in animals for study they give them alcohol). Certain dishwasher detergents can harm gut.

So don’t get a vaccine after drinking alcohol the night before or you have a bad stomach.

3. Taking paracetamol after a jab will inhibit your body’s ability to produce glutathione, your main detox molecule and anti-oxidant. Glutathione binds to toxins, including mercury to safely move them out. Paracetamol also depletes sulphate and you need that for other detox pathways/ toxins. Just let your body process the vaccine in peace without adding more drugs on top.

4. Having lots of jabs at once can be too much for SOME ppls immune systems and some people already have a Th1 and Th2 imbalance. This is to do with how “accurate” your immune system is as it can get confused and attack your own cells if it’s out of balance.

Lots of things upset the immune system and inflammatory foods are the main culprits. Leaky gut will also upset the immune system as food particles are in the blood and endotoxin.

5. If mum was exposed to lots of mercury then rather than producing a child that’s “mercury resistant” it’s the opposite the child is mercury sensitive. Which is partly why we have different tolerances to mercury.

So as you can see loads of other variables play a role in vaccines so you can’t just blame the vaccine. It multi faceted.

It’s very easy to be safe if you are scared of vaccines as like any drug, they all have potential side effects but easy to avoid if you understand the biology.

Mercury is quite an easy toxin to remove and it won’t kill you. Viruses on the other hand can

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