How Can Cannabis Oil or CBD Help Me ?

Marijuana or cannabis  has been used medicinally for thousands of years and offer many health benefits, particularly for inflammation and pain. CBD or cannabidiol is one of the medicinal compounds and it is legal in many countries.

If you would prefer to watch my video all about cannabis and CBD here it is.

Cannabis plants contains lots of alkaloids or ‘active plant molecules like CBD, CBG, THC, CBC and more. Scientists are still discovering new compounds in cannabis.

THC is the compound which makes people high or ‘stoned’
Cannabidiol (CBD) is the more medical compound which offers the health benefits, although THC still plays a role if used in small amounts.

Cannabis Receptors and Endocannabinoids

There are 2 types of cannabis receptors (locks) in the body CB 1 and CB 2. CB1 is mainly in the brain and central nervous system and CB2 is in the rest of the body, particularly the immune cells.

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We make our own endo-cannabinoids,  Anandamide and 2-Arachidonly Glycerol 2AG (keys) which go in the CB1 and CB2 receptors.

Anandamide is released in ‘exercise highs’ and ‘flow states’ Mediation causes the body to make more anandamide and CBD increases the pool of anandamide and 2AG. So CBD helps you make your own cannabinoids.

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Does CBD work on its own?

By itself THC can only press the getting high button, which are the CB1 receptors.

CBD can’t bind the CB 2 receptors (the healing buttons) or CB1 itself,’ but it makes the CB2 receptor or ‘button sensitive’ so now the THC can press the CB2 button to switch on all the good effects

CBD also helps anandamide and 2AG press the CB2 button

CBD turns on detox genes in the gluthathione system or pathway by activating nrf-2. This natural detox system is also part of anti-ageing system in the body, which can also be activated by fasting. CBD also helps control inflammation by turning down inflammatory genes and turning up anti-inflammatory genes.

CBD can activate AMPK which is a protein or a ‘metabolic switch’. AMPK does lots of useful things including helping to close up leaky junctions like leaky gut. AMPK is activated during fasting and to some extent a ketogenic diet.

THC can only press the CB 2 healing button when CBD is there, THC can’t turn on genes or activate AMPK. So it is a myth that CBD can’t work without THC. But the THC being there does add more ooomf to the system .

CBD and the Brain

When a person is stressed or in fight or flight they DON’T heal, detox or digest properly. The GABA system is associated with relaxation.

Lots of toxins make people stressed by potentiating the GLUTAMATE pathway which then pushes the person into fight or flight. These toxins  are mercury, glyphosate and endotoxins.

This over excitement in the brain  encourages free radical production in the brain which causes  neuro-inflammation. This produces brain fog but also makes all other neurological conditions like Parkinson’s, Dementia and MS worse.

CBD helps balance the GABA – GLUTAMATE systems so this is why it is helpful for people with neurodegenerative conditions, adrenal fatigue and during a detox.

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