The Powerhouse of the cell, obesity and anti-ageing

The Powerhouse of the cell, obesity and anti-ageing. This isn’t a post about the core or Pilates powerhouse, but it does involve useful advice if you feel like you lack energy or are interested in anti-ageing. It is about the mitochondria, which are key for energy production in the body. Damaged mitochondria increase inflammation and […]

Fun Neurology Facts and Fiction

This month’s blog is a  selection of random brain and nervous system trivia One of our brain’s main function is to integrate our senses so we know where we are in the world, so we can interact and move around in it appropriately. • The first part of the brain to form is the part […]

Group Hypnosis at Broadgate Clinic in Horsforth

Group Hypnosis focused on relaxing and unwinding before christmas and goal setting for the new year> Regular group hypnosis sessions are held at Broadgate Clinic in Horsforth, which has a lovely setting and atmosphere, perfect for hypnosis. Please get in touch to find out about January sessions.

Non verbal communication and using hypnosis for amnesia

Hello and welcome back to my blog This week I’m talking about non verbal communication and it will be a short blog as it includes a video to show how to use this to induce  hypnosis. About 3/4 of communication is non verbal, which is why emails and texts are so often misunderstood, as physical […]

Is Baby Brain a Myth? Simple Neruro Exercises For Pregnancy

Hello and welcome back to my blog with a free video! This week I will be talking about pregnancy and brain training. Pregnancy is a very exciting time for mums and dads to be, so in this blog I’m going to talk about some neurology and brain based fun so the dads to be can […]

5 Ways to Improve Your Creativity with Hypnosis and Functional Neurology

Hello and welcome to my blog Today I’m going to talk about creativity and some ways you can work to improve yours,  using some brain exercises and hypnosis. My latest work with creative hypnosis was  with an art student with my help and the help of one of my colleagues, she got got a 1st […]

Exercises for Parkinson’s Disease

Hello and welcome to my blog I’ve not written a blog here for a while, however here is one on Parkinson’s Disease as I work a lot with people with this conditions. As Vlogs are becoming more popular I have included a video on a session I did with the Harrogate Parkinson’s UK group this […]

4 Colorful compounds that improve your eyes

4 Colorful compounds that improve your eyes Preventing  cataracts,  light sensitivity and inflamed eyes From 2005 to 2007, in the name of scientific research, I spent many hours in the lab sticking fluorescent dyes to protein molecules, then shining different coloured lasers at them hoping to collect some useful data. During this time, I learned […]

Lost your balance? The inner ear, dementia and spine stability.

nervous system sara pugh

A great sense of balance is an important part of moving well and staying active. It doesn’t matter if you are a professional athlete, a mum athlete or just enjoying your retirement and playing with your grand children, balance matters. Balance is a sense we take for granted, but like other parts of the body […]

5 Pilates exercises I use all the time that train your nervous system and your body

5 Pilates exercises I use all the time that train your nervous system and your body 1. Bouncing on a Swiss ball This stimulates the saccule which is part of the vestibular system called the otoliths that senses and modulates vertical movements, amongst other things. Doing squats and using a reformer jump board also stimulates […]