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Can Hypnosis Help Me?

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Hello and welcome to my hypnosis blog! When you hear the word “hypnosis,” your brain might conjure up the image of a swinging a pocket watch in front of someone’s face or people in a stage hypnosis show being ballerinas at a rave or thinking they are farm yard animals. From my experience as a […]

Brain Training To Improve Performance’ By Hacking Mental Fatigue

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Hello and welcome to my blog This week the topic is brain training to improve ‘performance’ by hacking into mental fatigue by building resilience. I have written ‘performance’ in inverted commas as these techniques were designed and tested on professional athletes and is referred to as ‘Neuro Doping‘  However, cognitive loading training programs offer heaps […]

What is ASMR and Why Does It Get Millions of Views on You Tube?

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Hello and welcome to my blog Have you ever felt tingles in your head and deep relaxation while getting a haircut or head massage, listening to someone rustling paper, listening to a specific person talk in a gentle whispering manner, hearing certain sounds in a movie, while watching artist create a painting or watching a […]

Effective Exercises For Parkinson’s Disease

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Hello and welcome to my blog I’ve not written a blog here for a while, however here is one on Parkinson’s Disease as I work a lot with people with this conditions. As Vlogs are becoming more popular I have included a video on a session I did with the Harrogate Parkinson’s UK group this […]

Depression and Confidence – How can I help myself ?

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In my opinion depression is a bit of an umbrella term and like ‘back pain’ there can be many reasons why a person is depressed or suffering from depression. This means that there are lots of ways and combinations of methods to get out of a ‘depressive phase’. As I am a biologist, I am […]

Group Hypnosis at Broadgate Clinic in Horsforth

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Group Hypnosis focused on relaxing and unwinding before christmas and goal setting for the new year> Regular group hypnosis sessions are held at Broadgate Clinic in Horsforth, which has a lovely setting and atmosphere, perfect for hypnosis. Please get in touch to find out about January sessions.

Non verbal communication and using hypnosis for amnesia

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Hello and welcome back to my blog This week I’m talking about non verbal communication and it will be a short blog as it includes a video to show how to use this to induce  hypnosis. About 3/4 of communication is non verbal, which is why emails and texts are so often misunderstood, as physical […]

Christmas group hypnosis session

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Christmas group hypnosis session Relax for christmas and festive season. Christmas is a time to be merry, but for some its a particularly stressful time of year, so any form of relaxation is beneficial. Many people find that over-eating or drinking is an issue at this time of year, hypnosis is a great way to […]