Dopamine, Fasting & Addiction

dopamine addiction fasting

How are dopamine and addiction linked? How can fasting help with addiction? Our brain chemistry is based on the balance of neurotransmitters like dopamine, oxytocin,  serotonin and noradrenalin which do play a big role in how we feel and can easily be knocked out of balance leading to addiction, depression and anxiety. There isn’t and […]

Depression and Confidence – How can I help myself ?

depression diets Leeds

In my opinion depression is a bit of an umbrella term and like ‘back pain’ there can be many reasons why a person is depressed or suffering from depression. This means that there are lots of ways and combinations of methods to get out of a ‘depressive phase’. As I am a biologist, I am […]

Group Hypnosis at Broadgate Clinic in Horsforth

Group Hypnosis focused on relaxing and unwinding before christmas and goal setting for the new year> Regular group hypnosis sessions are held at Broadgate Clinic in Horsforth, which has a lovely setting and atmosphere, perfect for hypnosis. Please get in touch to find out about January sessions.

Non verbal communication and using hypnosis for amnesia

Hello and welcome back to my blog This week I’m talking about non verbal communication and it will be a short blog as it includes a video to show how to use this to induce  hypnosis. About 3/4 of communication is non verbal, which is why emails and texts are so often misunderstood, as physical […]

5 Ways to Improve Your Creativity with Hypnosis and Functional Neurology

Hello and welcome to my blog Today I’m going to talk about creativity and some ways you can work to improve yours,  using some brain exercises and hypnosis. My latest work with creative hypnosis was  with an art student with my help and the help of one of my colleagues, she got got a 1st […]

Christmas group hypnosis session

Christmas group hypnosis session Relax for christmas and festive season. Christmas is a time to be merry, but for some its a particularly stressful time of year, so any form of relaxation is beneficial. Many people find that over-eating or drinking is an issue at this time of year, hypnosis is a great way to […]

In Vegas ready for my talk on the ‘Secrets of the Cerebellum’


Im very excited to be in Las Vegas getting ready to do my workshop on  secrets of the cerebellum. This is a photo at the top of the stratosphere hotel. Its about 10pm USA time, so about 4am UK time, just the time I normally climb 900ft up a building!   So why train the […]