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Fasting & Low Carb Diets For Women

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Should older women do intermittent fasting with the same eating windows and macros as men? Do women need the same macro nutrients as men on a keto or low carb diet? Women in general as well as those who are approaching the menopause, going through it or have been through it have different hormonal circadian […]

What is mTOR? Does It Cause Cancer?

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What is mTOR? Mammalian Target of Rapamycin or mTOR is nutrient sensing protein kinase and an important factor in health, growth, cancer and longevity. mTOR is the body’s main growth pathway that promotes muscle growth, cell replication, and anabolism. There are two mTOR complexes mTORC1 and mTORC2. Some people fear mTOR, as is linked to […]

Nuts and Diet Fails

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Nuts and Diet Fails Nuts are one of those mixed bag foods that have benefits, BUT for some people can be a nightmare, particularly if on a diet. Firstly from lots of personal experience with fasting and keto diets, I have found that nuts for me are a problem as I eat the whole bag […]

The Benefits Of Fasting and How to Fast

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Fasting 101 I have experimented with intermittent fasting, 2 day and 3 day fasts for over 3yrs and in total lost 28lb. This is a video blog on fasting and how to get started. The benefits of fasting include longevity, fat loss, reduced inflammation, anti cancer and brain function. If you have any questions on […]

Cholesterol Facts and Myth

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Hello and welcome to my blog on cholesterol. When I worked as a biochemist I did a project on statins and their effects on heart cells and published a paper on our findings, so I have studied cholesterol in detail and have many concerns about the view the public have on this molecule In 2015 […]

The Powerhouse of the cell, obesity and anti-ageing

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Hello and welcome back ! This isn’t a post about the core or Pilates powerhouse, but it does involve useful advice if you feel like you lack energy or want to have super human energy. This blog is also about how we are more of a bag of bacteria than we ever believed and how […]

4 Colorful compounds that improve your eyes

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4 Colorful compounds that improve your eyes Preventing  cataracts,  light sensitivity and inflamed eyes From 2005 to 2007, in the name of scientific research, I spent many hours in the lab sticking fluorescent dyes to protein molecules, then shining different coloured lasers at them hoping to collect some useful data. During this time, I learned […]