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12 Reasons Why Cholesterol is NOT bad

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Hello and Welcome! When I worked as a biochemist I did a project on statins and their effects on heart cells and published a paper on our findings, so I have studied cholesterol in detail and have many concerns about the view the public have on this molecule In 2015 the FDA removed dietary restrictions […]

Exercises For High Heel Pains & Problems

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Hello and welcome This week I have made a short exercise video for you to help your feet and back, if you plan on wearing heels during the festive season. These exercises are also useful for runners and cyclists, or anyone one else who gets tight  ankles, calves, legs and back. This is not a […]

Can Pilates Improve Your Brain Function?

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Hello and welcome to my blog on Pilates and your brain Brain endurance training (BET) is gaining popularity and we hear a lot about the mind-body connection and how important it is.  Sadly, in some exercise classes so much focus is put on the physical body, we forget about the huge brain training benefits exercises […]

Brain Training To Improve Performance’ By Hacking Mental Fatigue

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Hello and welcome to my blog This week the topic is brain training to improve ‘performance’ by hacking into mental fatigue by building resilience. I have written ‘performance’ in inverted commas as these techniques were designed and tested on professional athletes and is referred to as ‘Neuro Doping‘  However, cognitive loading training programs offer heaps […]

Are You Harming Your Thyroid Gland and Metabolism by Accident

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Hello and welcome to my blog. This an introduction to the thyroid gland, thyroid hormones, what happens when it malfunctions and which test to get if you think you have a thyroid problem. 20 million or more people in the US have thyroid issues and many are un-diagnosed, meaning there is a lack of understanding […]

Fat Myths, Ketones and Biochemistry

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Hello and welcome to my blog Fat gets lots of hate  in many part of the world we try and burn, fat, bust fat, dissolve fat destroy fat and so forth. As a biochemist I have observed that many people are fascinated by fat, but have no idea what it really is. Fat is crucial […]

Effective Exercises For Parkinson’s Disease

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Hello and welcome to my blog I’ve not written a blog here for a while, however here is one on Parkinson’s Disease as I work a lot with people with this conditions. As Vlogs are becoming more popular I have included a video on a session I did with the Harrogate Parkinson’s UK group this […]

Handstands For Beginners

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Hello and welcome to my blog. This week the blog is not about hypnosis, neurology or biochemistry, its about handstands and it is a video blog. The handstand is the most important shape in gymnastics as I’m a gymnastics coach as well as a Pilates teacher. In terms of movement and the nervous system, going […]

5 Ways to Ward off Depression

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Here in the UK the days are getting shorter and for many reasons some people expect to feel a bit low, but it doesn’t have to be like that. In this blog today I discuss several different approaches to combating depression, as depression goes beyond just feeling low or feeling fed up with work or […]

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