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Handstands For Beginners

| Human Body |

Hello and welcome to my blog. This week the blog is not about hypnosis, neurology or biochemistry, its about handstands and it is a video blog. The handstand is the most important shape in gymnastics as I’m a gymnastics coach as well as a Pilates teacher. In terms of movement and the nervous system, going […]

5 Ways to Ward off Depression

| Human Body, Neuro health |

Here in the UK the days are getting shorter and for many reasons some people expect to feel a bit low, but it doesn’t have to be like that. In this blog today I discuss several different approaches to combating depression, as depression goes beyond just feeling low or feeling fed up with work or […]

Train your Nervous System Like a Pro Athlete

| Human Body, Neuro health |

The nervous system is a complicated system of different types of nerves and cells that send and receive messages between the brain and spinal cord and different parts of the body.  In a nutshell, the purpose of the nervous system is to sense what is happening inside and outside the body and to react promptly, […]

Depression and Confidence – How can I help myself ?

| Hypnosis, Neuro health |

In my opinion depression is a bit of an umbrella term and like ‘back pain’ there can be many reasons why a person is depressed or suffering from depression. This means that there are lots of ways and combinations of methods to get out of a ‘depressive phase’. As I am a biologist, I am […]

The Powerhouse of the cell, obesity and anti-ageing

| Human Body, Neuro health |

Hello and welcome back ! This isn’t a post about the core or Pilates powerhouse, but it does involve useful advice if you feel like you lack energy or want to have super human energy. This blog is also about how we are more of a bag of bacteria than we ever believed and how […]

Group Hypnosis at Broadgate Clinic in Horsforth

| Hypnosis |

Group Hypnosis focused on relaxing and unwinding before christmas and goal setting for the new year> Regular group hypnosis sessions are held at Broadgate Clinic in Horsforth, which has a lovely setting and atmosphere, perfect for hypnosis. Please get in touch to find out about January sessions.

Non verbal communication and using hypnosis for amnesia

| Hypnosis |

Hello and welcome back to my blog This week I’m talking about non verbal communication and it will be a short blog as it includes a video to show how to use this to induce  hypnosis. About 3/4 of communication is non verbal, which is why emails and texts are so often misunderstood, as physical […]

Is Baby Brain a Myth? Simple Neruro Exercises For Pregnancy

| Neuro health |

Hello and welcome back to my blog with a free video! This week I will be talking about pregnancy and brain training. Pregnancy is a very exciting time for mums and dads to be, so in this blog I’m going to talk about some neurology and brain based fun so the dads to be can […]

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